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A Groovy '60s Trip
Metromix Band of the Week by Katie Strzeszewski
June 18, 2008

It's hard to think of anything related to the 60s and 70s without feeling a great sense of nostalgia.  And it is that sense of nostalgia that prompted the Large Flowerheads, a '60s and '70s cover quartet, to regroup for a reunion show.  Passionate about the genre and era, yet staying true to each song's original nature, the Flowerheads keep their show fun, friendly, and a trip to sing along with.

  • Genre:  retro/'60s/'70s
  • Band members:  Greg Geist (vocals, guitar), Dano D'Amelio (vocals, bass, farfisa organ), Billy Trexler (vocals, guitar), Moe Jerant (vocals, drums)
  • Influences:  British Pop, American Pop, Classic Rock, Motown
  • Upcoming Shows:  June 21:  Ice House, Bethlehem, 8 p.m.
  • If you could play any venue, where would it be?
         Dano:  Hollywood Bowl.  The Beatles played there.  It's excellent.
         Moe:  Fillmore East.  It was THE club in its day in New York.  the entire scene from New York gravitated to Fillmore East.
         Billy:  I'd like to play CBGBs, but that's not going to happen.
         Greg:  Carnegie hall.  Or Shea Stadium because The Beatles played there.
  • If your music were to be used in any movie, what would it fit with best?
         Greg:  I'd like to think something like "Easy Rider".
         Dano:  The original version of "Bedazzled".  It's a mod English movie from back in that day.
         Moe:  A documentary.  When you do a documentary, there's a script and a definite theme and a definite direction, so you can plug stuff in and be more representative of what we do, because what we do is so diverse.
         Dano:  There was a '60s movie called "Psych Out".
  • If you could play back up for any band, or if you had to be a cover band for any band, which would you choose?
         Moe:  We are a tribute band, but we're not a tribute band of any particular act.
         Greg:  We're more of a tribute act of an era.
         Moe:  So we would like to be ourselves and play for ourselves.








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