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The Large Flowerheads by Dave Howell of the Morning Call
June 18, 2008

Everyone who lived through the '60s really does remember them.  About 260 survivors and a smattering of younger people celebrated the happier side of those times at last Saturday's reunion concert of the Large Flowerheads at the Ice House in Bethlehem.

The Flowerheads, who were popular in the '90s, played more than 30 songs in a two-hour set.  Using vintage instruments and lights, and wearing hippie-inspired garb, the quartet came as close as humanly possible to recreating the era of four decades ago.   The only thing missing was the pungent smell of special '60s smoke.

Around 30 people kept the dance area full, as the group played upbeat fare like "Wooly Bully," "Hanky Panky" and "Cherry Cherry."  This was balanced by more thoughtful songs, including "Like a Rolling Stone" and "Get Together."

Highlights included drummer "Moe" Jerant's switch to the front of the stage to play guitar and expertly reproduce songs of Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin; "Dano" D'Amelio's vintage Farfisa organ on garage classics like "96 Tears," and lead guitarist Billy Trexler's work on electric sitar and other effects to re-create psychedelics such as "Incense and Peppermints."

All four are more than credible vocalists.  Greg Geist stood out wonderfully, singing a variety of songs, as well as playing guitar, bass, and drums.

Singer / songwriter Roia Rafieyan opened with insightful selections that also harkened back to more hopeful and less cynical musical days.


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